How To Get Free Cryptocurrency With Pi Network

There is a second chance to participate in the Cryptocurrency world. Pi Network reminds me of the early stage of Bitcoin, where people ignore it and has no or very small value until the price keeps climbing in price over time.

Bitcoin in 2009 worth is $0 a year later its worth just a fraction of dollar. In 2011 Bitcoin reaches $1 for the first time, and now in 2021, it reaches $64K. I know this is amazing and I believed many people missed this opportunity.

Introducing Pi Network created by 2 two Stanford PhDs. now still in the early stage, you can mine the coin using your smartphone without burdening the processor because it mines on the Cloud.

All you have to do is just download the apps form Playstore or Apple Store

During the setup, you will be asked for an invitation code, type ooraopal and you’re good to go.

You only need to click 1 time every 24 hours to keep the phone mine the coin.

Pi Network App invitation code ooraopal

As you see in the picture above so far I mined 844 Pi coin. My speed is 0.49 Pi per hour. You can increase the speed by introducing to others as I did.

The Pi Network Mainnet will be started at the end of the year 2021, when the time comes it will start to list on the exchange and it will have a value. Currently, about 18 million people registered with the Pi Network. With this huge number of adoption, I predict the price will increase fast once it on The Mainnet.

Use invitation code ooraopal when you install the application. Good luck my friends.