What Is The MoonRat Token And How You Can Get BNB By Holding MoonRat

BSC address: 0xad2c44A5dBfD791b3d751712Fb398E6F2D089856

MoonRat (SMRAT) is a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi project built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. Three functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn. It’s auto-generating liquidity, and Anti-Whales protocol on Binance Smart Chain #BSC Earn $BNB just by holding SMRAT.

MoonRat Token logo

Why MoonRat

Earn BNB
BNB or Binance Coin currently traded at $525. Each SMRAT holder will earn BNB once every week (on the first week the cycle is every day) for example if you own 1% of the total supply then you will get 1% of BNB. The BNB comes from 4% of every transaction of SMRAT the system put to the BNB reward pool and waiting to be claimed by the SMRAT holder.

Anti Whales
Whale(s) is someone who has lots of tokens which can give a big impact on price token movement when they buy or sell a lot of tokens. To make it fair to everybody MoonRat mechanism are:
- Limiting the transaction (buy/sell) up to 0.01 of a total supply.
- Transfer between 2 wallets larger than 0.01 of the total supply will be charged 2 BNB.

RFI Static Reward (Auto-add token)
Every MoonRat Transaction taken 2% and redistributed to the SMRAT holder, this is why you will see that your token keep adding automatically. No action needed on your side to claim the new token, it just adds automatically, indefinitely.

Because the burn address is also a holder address the more transaction of MoonRat will make the supply deflated and this is something good because can increase the value of the token.

How To Buy MoonRat

Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet
  1. Install Trustwallet on your phone. The other alternatives are Metamask wallet or Safepal wallet. You can also found the details from the official Moonrate Website here https://moonrat.finance/guide
  2. Create multi-coin wallet
  3. Send some BNB to your Trust wallet using BEP 2.0 address (BSC), which you can buy from Binance. If you already sent to BNB address (not BSC) you can swap it later to BSC in Trust Wallet.
Deposit to your BSC (Smart Chain Address)

4. Swap BNB to MoonRat via Pancakeswap

The common issue you may encounter when buy or sell SMRAT on Pancakeswap

  • When you buy SMRAT and found an error you can retype the amount of Moonrat on the Pancake with slippage of only 1% I always succeed in this trick. If still cannot add the slippage to 11–15%.
  • When you sell SMRAT and found an error make sure to set the slippage to 11% this works for me.
  • After buy you cannot see your MoonRat?
Click the setting icon on the wallet, next to collectibles
Type secured and you will see Moonrat Token, click the button next to it to make MoonRat visible.
Type secured and you will see Moonrat Token, click the button next to it to make MoonRat visible.
Type secured and you will see Moonrat Token, click the button next to it to make MoonRat visible. If you cannot find it by name you can add the MonnRat token using their address 0x68590a47578E5060a29fd99654f4556dBfa05D10
Press back and you should see it there

How To Check The Price

You can also check the price from Trust Wallet. However sometimes the price is lagging. To get the real-time price we can check on Pancakeswap

The price of 15,426,100,000 SMRAT is equal to 1.669433 BNB on April 27 2021

Where to see the chart and Price

PooCoin Chart https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x68590a47578E5060a29fd99654f4556dBfa05D10

GoSwap Chart



How To Collect BNB

Scroll to the bottom until you see Next Collectable date…

Make sure to collect on time or your reward will decrease as others claim it.

The Moonrat Business ROI calculation

On April 26th, 2021 my current investment in Moonrat is 1.6 BNB

My weekly earning is 0.029375 BNB so it will break even at about 54 .4 weeks or 13.6 months I will get my investment back and still have MoonRat token which highly possible to have a higher price than the current price and still get free BNB every week.

You can start with any amount of Moonrat as long as you can swap from BNB. For me, this is definitely a token that deserves to keep in the long term.

The Moonrat Transparency to their holder

MoonRat Migration to V2

On April 25, 2021, 07:00 AM UTC time Moonrat migrated to Version 2, this is to make the system more secure and fairer to the community. They elaborate on every step they have done in real-time and the migration has been successfully completed.

You need to swap your old MRAT to SMRAT by following their steps on the website https://moonrat.finance/guide/migrate

With this level of transparency, I feel safe investing with Moonrat, I never found the transparency level on other tokens /coins. I hopeMoonRat to the moon soon :-).

You still have time to start investing with MoonRat, it still less than a month, I think it started on 13 April 2021.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, do your own due diligence before investing. Your money is your responsibility.

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