What Is The MoonRat Token And How You Can Get BNB By Holding MoonRat

MoonRat Token logo

Why MoonRat

How To Buy MoonRat

Trust Wallet
  1. Install Trustwallet on your phone. The other alternatives are Metamask wallet or Safepal wallet. You can also found the details from the official Moonrate Website here https://moonrat.finance/guide
  2. Create multi-coin wallet
  3. Send some BNB to your Trust wallet using BEP 2.0 address (BSC), which you can buy from Binance. If you already sent to BNB address (not BSC) you can swap it later to BSC in Trust Wallet.
Deposit to your BSC (Smart Chain Address)
  • When you buy SMRAT and found an error you can retype the amount of Moonrat on the Pancake with slippage of only 1% I always succeed in this trick. If still cannot add the slippage to 11–15%.
  • When you sell SMRAT and found an error make sure to set the slippage to 11% this works for me.
  • After buy you cannot see your MoonRat?
Click the setting icon on the wallet, next to collectibles
Type secured and you will see Moonrat Token, click the button next to it to make MoonRat visible.
Type secured and you will see Moonrat Token, click the button next to it to make MoonRat visible. If you cannot find it by name you can add the MonnRat token using their address 0x68590a47578E5060a29fd99654f4556dBfa05D10
Press back and you should see it there

How To Check The Price

The price of 15,426,100,000 SMRAT is equal to 1.669433 BNB on April 27 2021

Where to see the chart and Price

How To Collect BNB

The Moonrat Business ROI calculation

The Moonrat Transparency to their holder




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